Getting Started With Your API

This page will help you get started with Pinwallet API.

A brief insight into the services of Pinwallet Payments, the stack of APIs, and developer tools.

Welcome to the API business. Pinwallet Payments is one of the elite, open API platforms that satisfy each of the following criteria for their clients:

• Timeliness Reduction
• Maintains Consistency
• Enhancement of Data Analysis
• Extensive Ductility
• Improves Customer Experience
• Erect Advanced Revenue Models

A descendant banking, fintech, and a technology-based firm called Pinwallet provides a Unified Open API Platform. With the use of our REST APIs, Pinwallet Payments enable developers to create a huge variety of use cases, and entrepreneurs, startup businesses, banking partners, NBFCs, MSMEs, and enterprises can deploy these solutions. We collaborate closely with banks, travel partners, retailers, and distributors to provide end users from startups, entrepreneurs, MSMEs, BCs, NBFCs, and Enterprises with various cutting-edge digital banking & travel API solutions.

In order to offer a variety of products as an API to B2B partners, Pinwallet collaborates with banks, travel partners, retailers, and distributors. Pinwallet will increase consumer adoption while Banks & Travel Partners will continue to be the custodian of the customer and of the various banking products and services. By providing its users with a single, unified platform with a wide range of solutions for total support, Pinwallet challenges the traditional transaction experiences. It seeks to offer a variety of products and solutions to businesses through its partnerships with best-of-breed.

At Pinwallet, we're leading the way in solid collaborations with the banking and travel industries and offering a unified open API platform that will revolutionize the way Bharat transacts and increase user engagement and satisfaction. We need your help to launch Red Bus's travel booking API, which will include bus reservations and many more. Please assist in setting up calls and obtaining integration as soon as possible. Pinwallet is the result of several solutions coming together to build a platform that benefits startups, the business owners who run them, MSMEs, NBFCs, and other organizations.

Numerous Solutions We Offer Include:

• Simple payouts using IMPS and NEFT for a variety of payment requirements
• Cash management with an eye on AEPS to make withdrawals, balance checks, and other tasks simple.
• Bill Payments Solutions utilizing FASTag for Bill Collections and BBPS technology
• Micro ATMs are available everywhere for immediate deposits and withdrawals.
• Easily recharge everything, even your phone, and TV.
• Instantaneous verification thanks to the incorporation of email, GST, documents, and other data.
• Put your insurance and KYC in order.
• Open a bank account without any difficulty
• Leverage Loans and Fiscal Solutions to Enter a World of Potentials
• Book hotels, flights, and more from the same site with the use of APIs

Here are some of the frequent advantages:
• An Open Platform that Seamlessly Connects All the Solutions
• More rapid and thorough integration
• Electronic onboarding
• Select Your Bank
• Multiple Value-Added Services
• Customer Service from a Committed Team
• Numerous Features on One Dashboard
• Greater eValue Plug and Play Model
• One wallet for all checks, balances, and transactions